Create a ZK rollup on Bitcoin

To create a ZK rollup on Bitcoin, select a plan that fits your team's needs and stage of development. For instance, the Hacker plan is ideal for individuals or small teams in the early stages, while the Growth tier is better suited for teams with a larger community.

If you select the Growth plan, you will be directed to the Customize your ZK rollup page. Here, you can choose your blockchain's configuration, such as where to store the data, whether to use a prover, the block gas limit, the withdrawal period, and any pre-installed dapps.

Choose a Data Availability layer

The data of your blockchain is written to a Data Availability layer such as Polygon, Celestia, NearDA, Eigen, etc.

Choose to have Prover or not

Prover is a crucial component responsible for generating cryptographic proofs that verify the correctness of transactions processed off-chain by the blockchain's sequencer.

You might want to run a prover for your blockchain eventually. However, during the initial stages, you can use a no-prover option for developing and testing your Dapps to save on costs.

Choose withdrawal period

The withdrawal period is the time frame during which your users can withdraw their assets from your blockchain back to Supersonic. This duration primarily depends on the time required for the prover to submit a zk-proof to the verifier contracts deployed on Supersonic. By default, the withdrawal period is set to 2 hours if you have a prover for your blockchain, and 15 minutes if you do not.

Choose block gas limit

The block gas limit defines the maximum amount of gas that all transactions in a single block can consume. By default, it is set to 30,000,000, but you can adjust it according to your specific needs.

Pre-Installed Dapps

Lastly, you have the option to select common dApps (such as DEX, NFT marketplace, or DAO) that will come pre-installed on your ZK-powered blockchain. This enables you to provide your users with a production-ready platform to commence using.

Decentralized Exchange

A configuration akin to Uniswap V3's DEX will be available for pre-installation at no cost. We will only deduct 0.05% per trade using a shared revenue model.

NFT Marketplace

Similarly, a comprehensive NFT marketplace will be pre-established. A fee of 0.25% per order will be applicable.


In the event that you intend to initiate your project using a DAO model from day 1, you can opt to pre-install the dApp. No fees will be incurred.

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