Onchain Game Development Kit

Step-by-step instructions to publish a fully on-chain game on Bitcoin.

First, check out the game template on GitHub. It has everything you need to publish a new fully on-chain game on Bitcoin.

There are two major components:

  • The contract of the game will govern the rules and logic of the game, ensuring transparency, security, and autonomy in the game's execution without the need for a centralized authority.

  • The assets in-game include images, sound, gifs, videos, tokens, NFTs, etc.

After you've finished coding, zip everything together and go to https://newbitcoincity.com/gamefi/publish to publish your game.

Sign on to Metamask to approve the submission of assets to the blockchain.

It should be noted that if the asset files are larger than 35kb or there are multiple assets here, you must sign multiple times.

Finally, enter the game's name and description, select a right-fitting thumbnail, and your game is ready to go.

Please keep in mind that if you issue any tokens or NFTs in the game, simply fill out the contracts as instructed. They will be effective.

After you click submit, a new subdomain for your game will be created and it will be ready to play right away.

Example: https://foc.gg/minesweeper

Happy building!

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